Not why but how and when

Issue 31 | 16 July 2021

This week we point to a guest blog “Why Request to Pay, Europe’s answer to PayPal, Apple and Google, will change payment processes” by Stefan Walde of AirPlus which has just been published in The Company Dime.

Stefan’s article starts with this introduction:

Stefan goes on to consider:

  • RtP being competition for the classic credit card.

  • RtP friend or foe?

  • RtP no more back and forth authorisation.

And he concludes by stating “Not “why” but “how” and “when”:


You’ll find Stefan’s blog at: Why Request to Pay, Europe’s answer to PayPal, Apple and Google will change payment processes.

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Request to Pay: Unpacked is published by Mike Chambers and unpacks the UK’s new service that provides the ability to request payment for a bill. 

Mike is the Chairman of Answer Pay who connect payment services providers to Request to Pay services through a simple integration.

For more on Answer Pay and the Request to Pay service please visit: Answer Pay.

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