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Issue 39 | 8 October 2021

Interested in Request to Pay but want to find out a little bit more?

In this newsletter we focus on four articles that help unpack Request to Pay.

Pay by Link or Request to Pay?

Peter Cornforth, Answer Pay’s Commercial Director asks, if Pay By Link is so straight forward then why has it seen more success? He suggests that the service is not without it’s issues, issues that have been solved by the creation of the Request to Pay standard. In this article, Peter explains what problems Request to Pay solves for billers and bill payers.

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Get to grips with Request to Pay

As a biller, Bank or PSP, have you heard of Request to Pay yet? In this short article, we share 5 important facts that make Request to Pay one of the most interesting innovations in the payments space happening in 2021.

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A.P.P to app: How to avoid email and text scams

In recent months we’ve seen a dramatic increase in fraudsters exploiting our increased volume of online shopping to con innocent victims into sending vast sums of money and personal details. In this article, we explain how to avoid email and text scams with Request to Pay services.

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Key facts about Request to Pay

We want to share with you key facts about request for payment and why it’s set to change the landscape of bill payments.

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Request to Pay: Unpacked is published by Mike Chambers and unpacks the UK’s new service that provides the ability to request payment for a bill.

For more on Answer Pay and the Request to Pay service please visit: Answer Pay.

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Unpacking the UK’s payments landscape

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