When is the right time?

Issue 32 | 30 July 2021

Request to Pay 'Lead or Lag?' - When is the right time to begin your Request to Pay journey?

Timed to coincide with the recent release of the Single Euro Payments Area Request-to-Pay (SEPA Request-To-Pay), AnswerPay recently held a virtual expert panel discussion which tackled the big questions that surround Request to Pay adoption including:

  • when financial services companies should look to adopt it, 

  • what the technology roadblocks are, and 

  • what will the impact be on customers, billers and financial services providers.

Introduction: Great expectations

Webinar: RtP, Lead or Lag?

On our expert panel tackling the big questions that surround Request to Pay adoption you’ll hear from:

  • Sudipta Kandu - Accenture

  • Nigel Reavley - FIS

  • Mike Chambers - Answer Pay

  • Nigel Garner - Answer Digital

  • Julian Wells - White Cap Consulting

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Request to Pay: Unpacked is published by Mike Chambers and unpacks the UK’s new service that provides the ability to request payment for a bill. 

Mike is the Chairman of Answer Pay who connect payment services providers to Request to Pay services through a simple integration.

For more on Answer Pay and the Request to Pay service please visit: Answer Pay.

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